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Colour is a beautiful thing. It is something that can have many meanings and evoke a wide range of emotions. Using clay to create a piece, I try to keep the form simple, functional and make sure not to distract from the surface so it can be the focus of the piece. An item one might interact with often or even daily. By crafting glazes with complex ingredients, I offer people many different textures and surfaces allowing them to make their own personal connection with the work. During my colour theories program I discovered the impact colour can have on different people. From the car we buy to the coffee cup we choose in the morning, colour affects us more than we know. My pieces focus in glaze technology to express the relation between colour and its impact on our world.


Malorey Pigeon is a 23 year old ceramics artist living in central Ontario,
Canada. She is currently taking the Ceramic certificate at the Haliburton School
of Art and Design.Through elementary school Malorey entered in many juried shows in Simcoe County with the arts council and placed first several times. Malorey’s artistry
became the talk of many of the shows and people came each year to see her
work. She graduated high school with a visual arts award and grant from the
Blue Mountain arts council. Malorey continued her education after high school
and attended Georgian College in Barrie for art and design fundamentals.
She hopes her future work will help bring us back to the basics and reconnect
with everyday life. Malorey truly creates art and pottery pieces to live by.


Probably avoiding my life and eating to much chicken parmesan



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